Oakland County Treasurer seizes Farmington Tennis Club

Oakland Co. Treasurer seizes tennis club

FARMINGTON (WXYZ) - There is a sign posted outside the Farmington Tennis Club on Farmington Road.  It says, "Thanks for the Memories."

The sign appeared on April Fool's Day, and some thought it was a bad joke.

Now April Fool's Day is over, and they are certain it is no joke.

Oakland County Treasurer Officials arrived Tuesday morning and changed the locks on the building. A sign posted on the door says it has been seized due to unpaid taxes. It tells customers with concerns about membership dues paid to contact the state Attorney General's Office. 

Seven Action News contacted the Attorney General's Office. So far it has received no complaints about the business. A spokesperson  says if people paid by check or credit card they should contact the financial institution to try to fight the payments right away.  If that doesn't work, contact the Attorney General's Office. 

Customers say they feel ripped off. They say the owner changed the rules just weeks ago and required they pay their membership dues earlier than normal.

"I wish she would have told us it was going to close, because I know she knew," said Ashley McVay. 

Seven Action News tried to track down the woman who owned the business. Mary Kathryn Reid's listed house appears vacant and her phone is disconnected.


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