Officials investigate boating accident in Waterford

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Officials are investigating a boating accident in Waterford.

A tipster tells 7 Action News that the accident involved two craft and happened on Watkins Lake at around 2 a.m.

Pictures of the boats show that a both craft sustained damage.

Waterford Police did confirm to 7 Action News that a boating accident did happen.

According neighbors the loud crash jolted them out of their sleep.

"We heard this big thud," said neighbor Dave Kitchen. "You raised up out of your bed because you thought your house was shaking, and this was out in the middle of the lake.  So they really hit it high speed."

‪When the ski boat and pontoon collided the impact was so strong, it sent several parts of both boats flying in the air.

‪Witnesses say the ski boat and pontoon overturned.

‪"What was really upsetting is when the girl was screaming, 'Donna, Donna. Where's Donna we can't find Donna'," said Kitchen.

‪Witnesses say while someone called 911, several neighbors sprang into action, jumped in their boats, and helped rescue at least seven people stranded in the water.

‪One of those  neighbors is a physician who lives nearby but wanted to remain anonymous.  ‪

The group of rescuers made sure everyone was okay until ems, police, and firefighters got on the scene.

‪"Both the inside of the pontoon and the ski boat are annihilated," said  Kitchen. "All twisted metal everywhere.  How they all survived I don't know, but they all survived.  Thank goodness."

All of the victims were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. 

The crash is under investigation.

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