Overnight police chase ends at West Bloomfield restaurant

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Car parts and plenty of them litter the side lawn of the Champp's restaurant in West Bloomfield. An overnight high speed chase that started in Beverley Hills is to blame.

Police are questioning the driver about his motives.

The chase ended with the car jumping the curb at Northwestern Highway and Orchard Lake in West Bloomfield. The photos provided by our Nima Shaffe show several trees down, car parts strewn about like ornaments on a Christmas tree and engine fluid puddles in the grass.

"I've been cleaning up all morning long, trying to get things ready for open today," General Manager Bryan Marshall said.  He waited until the nearby Home Depot opened up to buy a new shop vac. Within minutes the shop vac had filled with debris from the wreckage.

"One of the wheels came off and went straight through one of my windows in my patio room," Marshall said about the wreckage. "So we had to clean up all the glass and the axle and the and the tire rod and the wheel from that."

The car sheared a tree before flying through the parking lot and slamming into corner of the building. Marshall says had it not been for a large decorative boulder in the landscape façade, the damage to the building could've been much worse.

"When it hit the building it actually hit a boulder first so it kind of took away from some of the damage but there's rotor parts and engine parts all kind of strewn about so we're trying to get that kind of picked up and taken care of so it's not just sitting around to look at or get hurt on," Marshall said.

If this incident sounds all too familiar, you're not dreaming. Marshall says a woman drove into the restaurant back in 2009 after she fell asleep at the wheel.

Police tell Action News the 31-year-old male driver was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. Once he's done with being treated, he'll be taken into custody to help police in their investigation.

Meanwhile the restaurant is open for busy.

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