Grandmother who allegedly killed grandson back in court today

Parents tell of eerie connection in case

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - The grandmother who allegedly shot and killed her own grandson will be back in court today.

Sandra Layne, 74, has been behind bars fr the shooting death of 17-year-old  Jonathan Hoffman.

The mother of the teen says she is heartbroken over the loss of her son. Jennifer Hoffman says her grief is almost too much to cope with.

"I miss him so much and my daughter wanted to say she misses him so much," Jennifer Hoffman said.

Jonathan was shot and killed Friday, May 18. Police say his grandmother admitted to the killing.

Jonathan's father also spoke to us, but only on the condition that we not ask him any questions on camera.

"How do you make sense out of the senseless... Our family has been so devastated. We miss Jonathan so horribly," Michael Hoffman said.

Jonathan was living with his grandmother after his parents moved out of state. The 17-year-old wanted to finish high school here.

In his final minutes Friday Jonathan called 911 to say his grandmother shot him and that he was going to die. In court earlier this week police said Layne admitted to killing her grandson when they showed up at her home.

Sources tell Action News Layne was scared of her grandson, that he was smoking K2/Spice – also known as synthetic marijuana. Several weeks ago she bought a handgun. On the night of the shooting sources say she told her husband to walk the dog and then shot and killed Jonathan.

According to court documents Jonathan was on probation for marijuana possession and on the very day of the shooting had tested positive for K2 Spice.

And in another eerie connection Jonathan's mother says her son was friends with Tucker Cipriano, the young man accused of the baseball bat beatings of his mother, father and brother. His father did not survive. Cipriano was said to have been on K2/Spice during the violent rampage.

Lane is scheduled to be back in court for the beginning of her preliminary hearing on Thursday in 48th District Court.

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