People and businesses struggle to survive frigid temperatures without power today

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - With temperatures in the single digits, many people are dealing with the double whammy of also having no power in these frigid temperatures.

When the power went out in Rochester Hills near Auburn and Dequindre, the Marathon gas station at the corner could not afford to close.

"It's horrible.  It kills the business," said station owner Kosai Elsamawi.

They could not sell gas, but came to the store to buy other things they were in desperately needed.

"How bad has it been in the house?  About 52," said Jennifer Gill of Rochester Hills.

Her and her husband struggled to keep their four children warm after their home lost power.

"We are just all huddled in the living room around the fireplace," said Gill.

Things were just as bad around the block in Shelby Township where people took other types of extreme measures.

"I decided to make coffee and found that my pipes had frozen also," said Brenda Gabbard.  Her nephew came over to help her heat the pipes so they would not bust. 

"I've had this happen one time before and it wasn't fun," said Gabbard.

In Sterling Heights, the generator has not stopped running at the Domanski house since Saturday night.

"We're all huddled up in one room trying to get a heater in there and keeping it warm enough to survive," said Greg Domanski.

The problem spot is power line down across the street. Neighborhoods and doctors offices in the immediate area lost power.

"I have a ton of homework to do but my hands get too cold and I can't write," said 19-year-old Taylor Domanski.

Power slowly started to turn on in areas like Rochester Hills around noon, but the damage had already been done. 

"It's a headache.  I'm glad it came back so we can at least sell some things in the store.  Without selling it we can't pay our bills," said Elsamawi.

Power came on in the Redford area around 4:30 p.m. today.

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