Ferndale police arrest 2 for 'super drunk' driving; blood alcohol levels between .33 & .35

FERNDALE, Mich. (WXYZ) - They should have been passed out or in a coma. Instead two men were arrested for super drunk driving with a BAC of .33-.35.

Even though he looks pretty functional in the dash cam video, police say 39-year-old Kevin Spates was 'super drunk' during his roadside sobriety test. 

The Detroit man was arrested Monday along 8 Mile in Ferndale for drunk driving. Officers say he had a blood alcohol level of between .34 and .35. At that level Spates should be passed out, in a coma, or dead.

"These people can function in a seemingly almost normal manner," said Lt. Bill Wilson with the Ferndale Police Department.

Ferndale police arrested a second 'super drunk' driver Tuesday morning. 

Fifty-year-old William Rhodes was stopped along Woodward for driving 10 mph under the speed limit.  Police say when they pulled him over they found Rhodes blood alcohol level to be .33.

According to a study done by Concordia University, a man weighing an average 160 pounds would have to consume ten beers an hour to reach a blood alcohol content of .35.

This is not the first time both Spates and Rhodes have been arrested for drunk driving. Both have extensive drinking and driving records and suspensions.

The magistrate arraigned Spates on Tuesday for his 3rd operating while intoxicated offense.  He has two prior convictions for OWI and his license has been suspended 31 times.  On top of that he's been a wanted man in Wayne County since 2008 for a parole violation.

Rhodes has a similar history with a criminal record going back to 1980. This is the fourth drunk driving arrest for Rhodes. He's had three prior drunk driving convictions and his license has been suspended several times. 

Despite the numerous convictions and arrests for drunk driving and driving without a license, this is the first felony drunk driving charge for both men. That's why they have been able to escape a lengthy prison sentence so far.

"Hopefully, now that these are felony charges the courts can do something to keep these men off the streets and in prison for a long time," said Lt. Wilson.

Both men face up to five years in prison. Bond for Spates and Rhodes was set at $25,000 cash surety.

Both are due back in court February 16.

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