Waterford Police officer upgraded to serious condition after crash in the line of duty

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Waterford Police officer's condition has been upgraded to serious after a crash on Elizabeth Lake Road near Scott Lake Road Wednesday.

Officer Annette Miller underwent several surgeries, and more are expected. She has extensive injuries to her arms, legs and chest.

Miller, who was in a K-9 unit, was trying to catch up to a motorcycle westbound on Elizabeth Lake road when a VW Bug that was approaching from the other direction turned in front of her SUV.

Friday Waterford Township Police say a motorcyclist in his 20s turned himself in in connection with the accident. He was interviewed and then later released without being ticketed.

The cruiser hit the VW and lost control and slammed into a tree. Rescue crews were able to extract the officer and the dog. The roof of the vehicle had to be removed in order for rescue crews to reach the driver.

The driver of the VW Bug has been released from the hospital.

The police dog was taken to a vet and a toe had to be removed.

Police say Officer Miller was on patrol when she saw a motorcycle speeding down Elizabeth Lake Road. The officer was following the motorcycle when the accident occurred.

Police are asking for the public's help to find the motorcyclist. The bike is described as a black, sports style bike. The rider was wearing a white helmet with a gold or dark stripe and tan pants.

Investigators say the biker may have also been speeding in other parts of Oakland County prior to the crash. They are reviewing surveillance video from area businesses to try and identify him.

The police chief is asking everyone to pray for Officer Miller.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Waterford Police at (248) 618-7550.

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