POLICE: Ferndale woman claims car is broken down, breaks into homes in Hazel Park

HAZEL PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - A woman from Ferndale is behind bars at the Oakland County Jail after she reportedly tried to trick people into thinking her car broke down and then breaking into homes.

A man from Hazel Park tipped off Hazel Park police about the woman when he grew suspicious of her behavior.

The man told Hazel Park police the suspect, 28-year-old Jessica Hutchinson, knocked on his door and was carrying a suitcase. Hutchinson allegedly said her car broke down.

He offered to get her a cab, but she left the suitcase on his porch and reportedly broke into the neighbor's home.

Hazel Park Police learned the suitcase was stolen from another home in Hazel Park.

Jessica Hutchinson was arrested and is charged with two counts of second-degree Home Invasion.

Police believe Hutchinson was going door-to-door knocking to see if anyone was home before breaking in to steal items.

Hutchinson was taken to a hospital after appearing to be under the influence of drugs and then placed in jail.

In the past, Hutchinson served two years in prison for similar home invasion/larceny crimes.

She will face a preliminary hearing on April 1.

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