Police investigate Madison Heights home invasions, suspect goes into woman's bedroom

MADISON Heights, Mich - Madison Heights residents in one neighborhood are worried after an intruder broke into two separate homes in the past three months on the same street. 

"I was terrified," says one woman.

"He slid his hand under the sheets and touched my bare leg," says another.

Both live on the same street in Madison Heights.

One incident happened early last Friday morning and the other happened in August, but both are similar as to the way the suspect got in and in both cases he appears to  have left with nothing.

Police are of course very concerned and want people to know this has happened. They are urging people to keep lights on at night outside and lock all of the doors, because both homes were broken into through a back door wall.

"I think he is a pervert", says the most recent victim because he had been watching me and he came in not for property but for a person."

Police say the bushes surrounding the back of the house had clearly been stood on and crushed as if someone was standing outside the window and the gate was left open.

One of the women has made up a flyer to pass around the neighborhood so others will be aware. 

The street where this happened was Woodmont Drive off of 13 Mile Road, but some people say they saw a suspicious man on another street, too.  It is believed he is wearing dark clothing, a hoodie and possibly a ski mask.

When he broke into the first home back in August and was standing over the woman she says he had on a ski mask. She also says he panicked and told her he wouldn't hurt her and he said he was in the wrong home.

Police say they want to find and stop this man before his actions escalate.

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