Pontiac Central alumni fight to preserve memorabilia

(WXYZ) Pontiac - Since closing in 2009, scrappers haven't been kind to the old Pontiac Central High School.

But, some former students are determined to have the school's rich history preserved.

Sharon Briscoe is a member of the Pontiac Central alumni group.  She wants to make sure trophies, yearbooks and other items are saved.  She and other members are also worried student records with personal information were left behind and not properly secured. 

They have been trying to get members of Pontiac's school administration to resolve the issue.  They thought they were making progress.  Briscoe says they were told by the school superintendent they would allow them into the building to identify items they deemed worthy to save and someone from the district would put them into storage.

But, that never happened.  Briscoe says the plan was canceled.  They are worried if the items aren't removed soon, there will be nothing left to save.

We reached out to the school superintendent and school board members but did not get a response.

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