EXCLUSIVE: Popular radio host Mojo to face legal action from former cast member

"Rob the Web Guy" to sue Mojo, Clear Channel

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - He is one of Detroit's most well-known personalities but now he may be in some hot water for an on-air incident. A letter obtained exclusively by 7 Action News spells out the potential legal trouble for the morning show host.

A letter, sent to Thomas Carballo, better known as Mojo from the Mojo in the Morning show on 95.5,
informs him that former cast member, "Rob the Web Guy," plans to file a lawsuit against Mojo and Clear Channel which owns the radio station.

"We were friends," says Rob Graham, who was "Rob the Web Guy." "It's sad when a friend pulls a sneak attack on you."

Graham walked out of the studio during a show back in October.

The on-air talk began with why Rob had missed a meeting the day before - listeners then called in guesses - but Rob did not find it humorous and it quickly turned into a showdown between the two co-workers.

"I was humiliated, I was upset, I felt betrayed," Graham told 7.

Graham's attorney, Jennifer Lord, accuses Mojo of violating HIPAA laws by revealing Rob's medical information on-air, and Mojo is also accused of pressuring Rob to post copyrighted materials on the Mojo in the Morning website.

Lord says it all amounts to workplace bullying.

"He crossed a critical line," Lord says about Mojo. "An employer cannot go on the air and talk about its employees private medical conditions."

Mojo did not return a call from 7 Action News and his producer referred us to the station's general manager.

"We do not comment on personnel matters," said Til Levesque, President of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Detroit, in an email.

But on the air that day Mojo said he was upset that Rob did not tell him why he was absent the day before, although Rob did tell the show's producer.

As a member of the cast, Rob had no problem taking part in wild stunts like dressing up as Britney Spears or going shirtless for the bod pod, but he felt the personal attacks that October morning amounted to an ambush and a situation that compelled him to resign.

The letter sent to Mojo orders him not to delete or alter any emails to and from Rob and he is not to erase any of the audio recording of the show.

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