Power outages scattered throughout Pontiac

PONTIAC, Mich (WXYZ) - The power outages are so scattered in Pontiac that in one neighborhood, one side of the street had lights and the other did not.

Nick O'Dea says he came home Monday and his house on Pioneer was dark and very cold, maybe in the 40's.

The Oakland University student decided to pack up and stay at school until the power is restored. He says many of his neighbors are doing the same.

He says he thinks the power split is because the neighbors on the east side of the street are on the Telegraph power line and he and the others on the west side are on a Waterford line.  Either way, it could be another day or more before it is restored.

In Sylvan Lake there were about 400 people near Pleasant and Woodland who were without power Tuesday. A huge tree fell on three power lines and they had to be repaired. Crews were on the scene and expected power by Tuesday night.

Most people just take it in stride, knowing while it is an inconvenience, people who were directly hit by Sandy have it a whole lot worse.

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