Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young bound over for trial in baseball bat murder and assaults

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - The preliminary exam for Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young has ended with the young men being bound over for trial in the baseball bat attacks on Cipriano's family.

The circuit court arraignment will take place June 19th in Oakland County.

Cipriano and Young are charged in the baseball bat assaults on Tucker's father, mother and brother.

During Friday's hearing a detective from the Farmington Hills police department testified about Tucker Cipriano's confession to the crimes.

According to Det. Jason McDonald, Cipriano gave four different versions of what happened during the attacks. McDonald said that Cipriano blamed Mitchell Young for most of the violence. McDonald said that Cipriano admitted holding his father's arms behind his back so that Young could repeatedly hit him with the baseball bat.

Then Rose Cipriano appeared after hearing the commotion.

"She had a stupid look upon her face like she didn't know what was happening," recounted Det. McDonald about what Tucker told him. "And that's when Roderick hit her in the head with the bat and then chased her into the living room."

Mitchell was known as Roderick to many of his friends.

Eventually 8-year-old Isabella Cipriano appeared and Tucker took her back to her room.

"He was pleading with her to stay in her room because he didn't want anything bad to happen to his sister," testified Det. McDonald.

Today's testimony at the preliminary hearing focused on Tucker's statements to police. Mitchell's statement to police was not brought up. Both men are pinning most of the violence on the other.

For the first time Tucker Cipriano became emotional during the court hearing. Cipriano started to cry as a witness talked about his father being found face down in the kitchen, with blood splattered through out the room. 

The first witness to testify Friday was Dr. Ruben Ortiz-Reyes of the Oakland County Medical Examiner's officer. He performed the autopsy on Tucker's father, Robert Cipriano.

Dr. Ortiz-Reyes testified about the injuries to Robert Cipriano's head, saying they were blunt trauma and consistent with a baseball bat.

He also testified that the bones on the left side of Cipriano's skull were "fragmented."

However, Dr. Ortiz-Reyes testified that the blows to his head did not kill Robert Cipriano. Instead, he said, Cipriano "drowned in his own blood."

Robert Cipriano was killed. Rosemary and Salvatore Cipriano continue to recover from the assaults, which occurred April 16 in the Cipriano family home.

Two other Cipriano children were home at the time of the attacks. They were not harmed.

Witnesses have testified that Tucker and Young were using synthetic marijuana before the murder. They have also testified that the pair spoke about killing the family for money.

But Tucker told detectives he did not smoke Spice or use any drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours prior to the crime.

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