Residents, crews react to fifth day without power

HOLLY, Mich. (WXYZ) - For those on Day Five without power, the key to enjoying the holiday season is to stay prepared. But near Holly, in the most rural areas of northern Oakland County, the season for many is anything but jolly.

Walk around the neighborhood and you'll feel like you walked right into a Christmas card, but the power issue has been anything but picturesque.

"The ice on top of the other ice that's stuck to the trees, it's hard to get by the road," said DTE lineman Dale Maschke.

This is not exactly how Maschke pictured his day after Christmas, but the lineman may be the closest thing to Santa for the countless residents now going on Day Five without power.

"It affects everything greatly." said Maschke, "You've got family and friends coming over. We have family and friends, they have family and friends. As much as we don't want to be here, the people need our help, so we're here to help."

Only a handful of homes sit along Jacobs Drive. Most of the homeowners here found other places to celebrate the holidays. But not Tim Hughes. He says the secret to dealing with nature's lumps of coal is to stay on top of things.

"You have to learn to prepare if you're going to live out in the country." said Hughes, "And we have a full house generator, heat with wood. So life for 30 seconds changed, and that was it. Generator kicks in and life goes on."

Of course, for the crews outside, life goes on only after the final few customers in the dark see the light.

"These poor guys out here, they don't want to be out here." said Hughes, "They want to be with their families, so they're working as hard as they can to get things back in order. And they are."

"We appreciate them being understanding with what they're doing today." said Maschke, "Everybody we've met has been very polite and understanding. And we appreciate that. "

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