The number of shoppers is expected to decrease from last year, but sales are expected to increase

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Almost 147 million people will head to the stores or shop online for Black Friday weekend, a slight decrease from last year, but sales are still expected to increase four percent.

Michelle Dosal and her family had already made several trips to their car with multiple shopping bags when our camera found them at the Somerset Collection in Troy.

"Third," said Dosal when asked which trip she was on to the car.  When asked if she was going back in the mall, "Yes, definitely," she said.

Dosal is the Black Friday shopper that a retail store dreams about.

"We've been here for what? Three or four hours," said Dosal.

Last year, the average person spent $399 dollars over the Black Friday weekend, according to The National Retail Federation.  Experts expect them to spend even more this year.

"We got out here at about 10 this morning," said Connie Kelley.

When we went to 12 Oaks Mall in Novi, we found Kelley taking a much needed break before she made the saying ‘Shop ‘til You Drop' came true.

"The parking was a little tough but once we got in here everybody seems friendly and it's been great," said Kelley.  Her two daughters were in another store while she sat on a bench with multiple bags at her feet.

The greatest finds for people today seemed to be bargains they scored on clothes and electronics.

"Three shirts, scarves, and lots of headbands," said Blair Carter about what she picked up at the mall.

"I would say the best deal i got was a jacket.  Because i got my son a jacket and my daughter a jacket," said Andrea Douglas.

"We are trying to get a Play Station 3 for the bundles like $200 for five games and a new system--want to do that," said Cassey Jones.

The most popular item this year is expected to be a gift card. The National Retail Federation says that at least 81 percent of people will buy at least one gift card this year.  The average from that group will spend $157 dollars in gift cards, which is the highest average they have seen over the past 10 years.

With just a few hours left on Black Friday, shoppers showed no signs of slowing down.

"We just shop all day.  The day after we get up and try to catch the sales," said Angela Davis.

"It's Been 10 hours today," said Diane Lowry. She still had a few items to check of her list when we found her with her hands full of bags.  She did her part to help the stores turn their profit for the year.

"Really, really good bargains for my kids," said Lowry.  "I really like it.  They're teenagers, so I know the three or four shops that they like and it's awesome."

A lot of you found your deals on Thanksgiving when stores decided to open up earlier than usual.  Chase credit card data shows that sales were up 251 percent last night between 6 p.m. and Midnight.  It means Thanksgiving day shopping is becoming just as much of a tradition now as the day after.

Many shoppers opted to stay home and shop with their phones instead.  PayPal reported a 190 percent increase in sales this year over last year with purchases by mobile phone.

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