RoboCop joke leads to a windfall for a Detroit-area charity

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Detroit-area charity scores big because of something that started as an internet joke.

The joke involved the suggestion that Detroit ought to erect a statue in salute of the 80’s film hero ‘RoboCop.’

People laughed at first, until the suggestion led to $50,000 in donations to really build a RoboCop statue in Detroit.

It caught the attention of a screenwriter in California. Gary Whitta , who wrote the Denzel Washington film ‘The Book of Eli,’ thought a RoboCop statue was a wonderful idea. “We live in kind of gloomy times so when someone does something that brings a little color and silliness into the world it can only be a good thing.”

Across the country, Whitta’s friend, comic book author Ron Marz disagreed with a Detroit RoboCop statue. He said maybe the $50,000 could be spent on something more practical for Detroit like a soup kitchen.

So Whitta and Marz challenged each other to put their money where their mouth was and each donated $50 to Oak Park's Forgotten Harvest Food Bank.

The internet helped spread the word. Others jumped in and by noon ‘RoboCharity’ was born, complete with its own facebook page . Donations began pouring into Forgotten Harvest. “Say what you like about the RoboCop statue but I think it has its own place in the world and now has led to something a little more practical as well,” said Whitta.

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