Rochester school bus driver gets arrested while on the job


It was at the swanky Village of Rochester Hills Mall where police say a school bus driver tried to defraud a store, while she was on the job.

Not only was 53-year-old Roseanne Stacho on the clock, she was actually driving her school bus when the incident happened on Friday.

Once store cashiers figured out what was up, they called police. Officers took the female driver into custody and then had to call the district to come and get the bus from the mall's parking lot.

It's not clear what the driver was allegedly trying to obtain or how she was trying to fool store workers.

The driver works for Durham School Services – the company Rochester Schools outsourced their bus services to as of this school year. According to the district the contract will save over 4.5 million dollars a year.

Stacho was taken to the Oakland County Jail. She has been charged with retail fraud.

It's not clear if she'll be back on the job. Action News reached out to the district on Sunday evening but we have not gotten a response.

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