Royal Oak Commissioners vote in favor of ordinance banning discrimination against LGBT community

ROYAL OAK, MIch. (WXYZ) - City commissioners voted in favor of a new ordinance that would ban discrimination in the case of sexual orientation.

Commissioner Jim Rasor is leading the charge, arguing that Royal Oak must join other cities in Michigan like Ferndale in order to recruit the best and brightest citizens.

"People are surprised to learn that there is absolutely no protection at the federal or state level," Rasor said.

"It's 100-percent legal for me to put a sign outside of a rental unit in the city of Royal Oak saying no homosexual people allowed to apply," he said.

The issue was debated at Monday night's regularly scheduled hearing at 7:30.

On Monday night, commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the measure. Now, it will go to the city attorney and then ultimately back to the commission for a vote.

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