Royal Oak man likely helped suspects in 80 y/o's murder with money and a ride

Encounter happened weeks before murder

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - In a chilling and bizarre twist a man who lives in the area where Nancy Dailey was killed tells Action News he likely helped the suspects now under arrest for the 80-year-old's murder.

Michael McCulloch, who lives on the other side of a motel that sits on Woodward, says he was on his way home from work at the end of October when he saw a man and woman on the edge of his yard with a number of suitcases.

When McCulloch stopped to ask what they were doing the two told him they needed some help.

"I stopped and asked if there was anything I could do to help. They told me their house in Pontiac had burned down and that they were homeless. They said all they had was in their suitcases," McCulloch said.

The two asked for a ride to another Royal Oak motel. McCulloch agreed to lend them a hand and drove the two a few miles.

As he dropped them off McCulloch gave the pair $20 and they went their separate ways. That is until last Sunday when McCulloch saw them as he was walking on Woodward.

"They crossed the street and as we were on opposite sides of the street they kept talking and all of a sudden the fellow looked around and he recognized me and he raised his hand and said ‘Hi, Mike.'"

The duo was headed in the direction of Nancy Dailey's home. Just hours later she would be found tied up, her throat slashed.

"In the past I've worked with agencies that serve the homeless, that help the homeless. They didn't strike me as anybody unusual," he said.

Police are not confirming the suspect's names, but based on information from our sources it's very likely the two sitting behind bars are the same people who McCulloch encountered.

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