Sears technician being called a hero after he helped a woman who fell

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - When Phillip Derue made a service call at Creek Bend Street in Rochester Hills, a woman's split open forehead is the last thing he thought he would be fixing at the home.

"I just said, oh no, this isn't happening," said Derue.

Derue, a technician with Sears, just finished fixing the refrigerator in the home and sat in his truck to fill out the report when he saw the homeowner's older mother come outside to walk the dog.  That is when the woman lost her footing and fell down the front steps.

"When I looked up, that's when she was going off the porch, falling right off the porch on her head and all I could think about was jumping out and running to her and seeing if she was okay," said Derue.

But she was not okay. The woman could not move and started to lose a lot of blood.

"I went in the house and got a towel with some ice it and went out and held it tight to her head. And she was lying out there, she couldn't get up.  And then the ambulance showed up," said Derue.

If the Shelby Township man had not been there, it is hard to tell when the woman would have gotten help.  She was alone and the door of the condo where her son lives faces a wooded area away from the rest of the street.

 The City of Rochester Hills honored Derue at Monday night's city council meeting for an outstanding act of heroism and human kindness in an emergency situation.

"I just did what I felt was the right thing to do.  I don't think I'm a hero.  I just did I think, I would hope, what most people would do," said Derue.

Derue does not like to call himself a hero, but he will admit to having a passion for animals. After the ambulance left with the woman and he contacted her family, he walked the dog for the family.  

"I went in and got the dog, took it out for a walk, so it could go to the bathroom and put it back in the cage and locked the house up and left," said Derue.

Derue said that the woman sent him thank you cards and her family thanked him and are appreciative for what he did. Derue said that the woman is doing just fine now.

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