Shots fired at small crowd near entrance of Northland Mall in Southfield

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police responded to Northland Mall in Southfield after reports of shots being fired in the parking lot.

A witness told 7 Action News a man near a dark SUV, at the G parking lot, fired two shots at a small crowd near the entrance.

"It was so close to me," said shopper Eugene Alexander, "The shots were so loud, I couldn't hear anything else."

One of the bullets ricocheted off Alexander's car, but no one was hit. Alexander was just leaving the mall when gunfire greeted him from the parking lot. Alexander says the shooter was aiming for a specific person.

"They were standing, shooting over my vehicle to try and hit guys on the stairs," said Alexander.

"They look like they were packing because they were little fellas" said witness Phillip Williams, who says an argument between two groups of young men started the shooting, "And the bigger fellas who wanted to fight them came in my direction. When [the other group] pulled out a gun, [the other group] said, 'Well, shoot.' And so they started shooting, and I took cover."

The search is under way for the shooter. Witnesses say before the shooting there was a shouting match between the shooter and someone near the entrance.

Stay with for updates.

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