Southfield Police arrest suspect in bank robbery Saturday morning

Suspect sustained non-life threatening injuries

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - A busted out window is the only sign left of what happened at a Comerica Bank in Southfield, early Saturday morning. According to investigators, a man broke in and swiped a bunch of cash around 5:00 am.

He managed to escape, but what he did not know is that the crime was monitored by an alarm company.

Southfield police officers were able to track down the alleged robber to the area of Berg and Oliver.

He was in a parked car and officers walked to approach he man.

Things took a violent turn when, according to police, the suspect tried to run the officers down which forced the officers to fire shots.

"I heard gun shots" said Earl Horsley.   "It was so loud that i ducked.  It sounded like it was right here in front of my window."

The noise woke up Horsely who lives down the street from the incident,

"I could see a car right on the edge of my driveway on Berg Road headed southbound and it just took off and then I heard another vehicle speeding so at that point I did not know what was going on."

The suspect ended up crashing his car at Lahser and 8 Mile. Police said he tried to get away on foot but was arrested a short time later.

For now, the alleged robber is locked up but neighbors along Berg are still traumatized.

"It was like the wild, wild west out here this morning.  To actually see it and hear it first hand… it was scary.  It was actually scary."

The suspect suffered non-life threatening injuries.  He was treated at a local hospital and is now in the custody of the Southfield Police Department. 

He is suspected in a number of cases of breaking And entering involving local banks. 

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