Steel from World Trade Center is unveiled as part of 9-11 memorial in Birmingham

Birmingham - (WXYZ) - A piece of World Trade Center steel now sits in the lobby of Birmingham's Adams Fire Station.
In front of dozens of people, the new 9-11 memorial was dedicated during a ceremony on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

Lilly Epstein Stotland, who is a native of Birmingham, was working at Goldman Sachs on 9-11. Her office was just few blocks from the World Trade Center. "I ran for my life," she says.

On this tenth anniversary, she says seeing all the images again conjures up difficult memories, but she has healed "a great deal".  A year and a half ago, when she heard the City of Birmingham was considering getting a piece of steel from the World Trade Center she volunteered her time and money to help make it happen.

Lilly Epstein Stotland has since moved back home and is glad to have this memorial in her hometown. She believes it will teach future generations about what happened on 9-11 and serve as a memorial to honor those who died that day as well as to those who survived.

She says the steel also represents the American spirit.

"It's bent, but not broken."

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