Stores are packed night before Christmas

SOUTHFIELD - All day Wednesday evening, the parking lot at Meijer on Telegraph in Southfield was packed with cars as last minute customers tried to finish up their Christmas shopping.

"I tried to do it yesterday but I had to work," said shopper Dave Scott. "I got up this morning and I thought I better go now.  I didn't know the parking lot was going to be this bad."

According to other shoppers, they did not mind the madness.

"I like watching how insane people get at the last minute and I just sit back and giggle," said shopper Stacey Nugent.

For some getting last minute gifts, the children seem to have their parents wrapped around their little fingers causing them to look for extra items on Christmas Eve.

"My son added a few gifts to his wish list so I have to buy some new toys for him," said shopper Rita Doshi

"Although we have an iPad in the house and a Wii in the house, I don't understand why we are going to replace in the house what still works. I'm not understanding," said shopper Dwayne Small.

 Many shoppers told 7 Action News seeing the faces of their children light up Christmas morning will make Wednesday's stress worth it.

"Living the holiday through my kids eyes," said Doshi .  "You know, they get very excited.  Just hoping for more toys.  Just hoping for more things on their wish list.  Just making them happy."


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