Troy city officials say if millage passes it will keep Troy library open

TROY, Mich (WXYZ) - The big story in Troy surrounds the library and the millage city officials say must pass to keep it open. At a town hall meeting on the matter, the sounds,signs and barbs became dramatic.

City officials say without the .07 millage, the library will close on August 5. 

Those who oppose the millage, but still want the library open, say the city is bluffing and manufacturing a crisis to scare people into thinking they won't have a library. 

This is the third time voters will go to the polls on the library issue but Troy Mayor Pro Tem, Mary Kerwin, says the other ballot proposals were confusing and this one is simple and clear.  She says if the millage passes the library funding will be secure for the next five years.

If it fails she says the doors will close. 

Those opposed say there is money elsewhere in the budget and they don't believe the library will close.

One 9-year-old at the library told Action News he would be so sad if the library closes because it gives him so much information.

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