Trial begins for 22-year-old who is accused of murdering his mother

(WXYZ) - The trial began Friday for a 22-year-old man who is charged with murdering his own mother.

Jeffrey Pyne is accused of killing his 51-year-old mother Ruth. She was found beaten and stabbed to death in the garage of the family home in Highland in May of last year.

First degree murder charges were issued by a rarely-used citizens grand jury.

Ruth Pyne had a history of bipolar disorder and was often violent with her son and younger daughter.

During the first day of trial, the husband of the victim - Bernard Pyne and his daughter - could be heard on a 911 tape played for the jury.

Their next door neighbor David Gilbert heard their screams, ran over and also saw Ruth Pyne. Gilbert is also on the 911 call.

He would also testify that Bernard told him they had trouble controlling Ruth and he was considering a divorce.

Gilbert testified he thought Ruth had committed suicide.

The prosecutor will try to prove to the jury that Jeffrey Pyne, a top student who got along well with everyone, planned and killed his own mother and lied about where he was when she was killed.

Pyne has the support of his father Bernard, other family and friends who have held fundraisers for his Grand Rapids Defense Attorney, James Champion.

Champion told the jury, they have the wrong person on trial and no one knows who killed ruth Pyne.

The trial could last 2 to 3 weeks.

If convicted as charged, Jeff Pyne faces life in prison without parole.

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