Friend of Tucker Cipriano testifies in Mitchell Young's murder trial

(WXYZ) - The trial for Mitchell Young, the co-defendant in the Cipriano murder case, has ended for the day.

Young and Tucker Cipriano are accused of beating Cipriano's father to death with a baseball bat and attacking Cipriano's mother and brother. Tucker Cipriano pleaded no contest to felony murder to avoid trial. He faces life in prison when he is sentenced next month.

Tucker Cipriano's friend Ian Zinderman took the stand Thursday in the trial. He talked about how Cipriano and Young plotted to kill the whole family, rob the home and move to Mexico.

Zinderman testified that Tucker Cipriano broke into his family's home twice to steal money before Cipriano and Young decided to follow through with a plan to kill the family. Zinderman said they were going to dump the bodies in the Detroit River with barrels to weigh the bodies down.

Young's attorney says his client will be cleared once all of the evidence in the case is heard. One crucial piece of that evidence is a bone-chilling 911 call made by a frightened Tanner Cipriano.

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Tanner was hiding in his bedroom while the vicious attack on his family unfolded. The entire recording is 23 minutes and was played yesterday in court. 

Another witness was the Cipriano's neighbor who said he grew up with and was a school mate of Tucker Cipriano. 

He identified Young and said he saw him outside of the crime scene around the time of the attack.

Sgt. Daniel Wecker with the Farmington Hills Medic Unit took the stand and told the court he was a first responder that early April morning.  He identified Young and said he treated him inside the house for minor injuries.

He said Young told him he had asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. 

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