Police patrol Wixom during trick-or-treating on Halloween

WIXOM, Mich (wxyz) - Halloween took on a scary tone this year in Wixom with the shootings of the past two weeks on the minds of parents.

They watched their kids and kept an eye on the cars driving down the street. Police were visible in almost every neighborhood.

In one neighborhood, a grandfather who walked his grandkids around the block knows about the shootings all too well. He was the man who was fired at while taking out his garbage two weeks ago.

"One bullet whizzed by my head and then another and then I rushed back into the house," said Pat Hanley.

He says it hasn't really registered yet how close he came to getting hit, but his neighbors were thinking about it this Halloween.

"If this was a week ago, I don't know if I would let the kids go out", said Michael Hoskins, who was with twin daughters, one of the girls saying, "this is crazy".

Overall, the night was calm and filled with candy. There were both local and state police cars and Sheriff deputies patrolling. Parents say until this shooter, the man in the composite, is caught, they won't stop taking precautions just like they did for Halloween.

One dad said that, while cautious, he won't let this suspect keep him from living his life.

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