Troy Athens High School students elected a homecoming court that inspires

Troy, Michigan (WXYZ) - "I am very honored to represent my class," said Hannah Hayes, a Freshman on the homecoming court at Troy Athens High School.  "It gives me such a good feeling inside."

Hannah says what really makes it special is the sophomore class elected her sister to court too.

"When I heard both our names I just melted inside," said Hannah.

As students gathered at a pep rally in the school gymnasium on Friday it was loud, but when Hannah's sister Allie was introduced as the sophomore homecoming princess, it got deafening.

Allie has Down Syndrome, and so does her homecoming date Sam Bright, the junior homecoming prince.

"I think it shows we are a school that genuinely cares about other students," said Hannah.

"This school is awesome," said Sam Bright. 

"They see me as a real person," said Allie Hayes.

Sam and Allie will be going to the homecoming dance in style.    Sam is the junior head coach of the football team, and the coach is going to drive them because Sam made the request.

"He knocks on the door, peaks in, and says coach we gotta talk…" said Coach Josh Heppner.  " He said I need a  favor. I need you to drive me to homecoming with Allie.  I said you know what man, that is fine with me. "

Coach Heppner says he plans to dress up in a suit, with gloves, and a hat as if he were a professional chauffeur.

In the meantime, Sam and Allie are thanking their classmates for choosing them to represent.

"I want to say thank you, and I really love you guys," said Allie.


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