VIDEO: Armed robber targets party store in Waterford, fires gun just above clerk's head

(WXYZ) - Chilling surveillance video shows an armed robber in action as he targets a party store in Waterford.

The suspect entered Anthony’s Pizza and Party Shoppe on Williams Lake Road with his gun drawn just before closing on Sunday night.

The man threw a duffle bag at one of the employees and ordered him to put all of the store’s cash inside the bag.

Leo Hook was one of the clerks behind the register and told 7 Action News the gun was pointed at him.

"I’m looking right down the barrel.  I said ,”Dude you are on camera. Why don’t you just get the hell out of here?  I said, “That gun is not even real."

Employee Maria Stokes was standing near Hook, who both thought the robbery was a joke at first.

“We started laughing and we says, “For real, this is a joke right,” said Stokes.

According to the clerks, the man became upset.  While he was holding the gun, he knocked over a stack of gum and pulled the trigger but it did not work.

Stokes immediately called 9-1-1 right in front of the intruder.

“I was worried… I thought he would have run out the front door,” said Stokes.

Instead, the robber he cocked the gun again and aimed for the ceiling.

“That’s when I realized we’re being robbed and was like ‘Take what you want… I’m out of here’,” said Hook.

The clerks escaped through the back door while the thief emptied the register and then casually left the store.
The victims will never forget the gunman’s bizarre behavior outside of the store as he took off with close to $1000.

“He had the gun in one hand and the duffel bag in the other and he casually walked right by us,” said Stokes.

According to Stokes and Hook, he had no getaway car and left the scene on foot.

“Went through the backyard, tripped over by the fence, fell down face first, right in the snow,” said Hook.

Police are still trying to track him down.
The popular shop, known for its famous breads sticks and cheese, had customers worried about the two workers.

Many of them hope the robber is caught soon.

The owner has now installed a security drop box so employees are not able to get to the cash inside the store.

Meanwhile, a lot of people in the Waterford community is so upset about what happened, a campaign has started on social media to get enough people to buy pizzas at Anthony’s Pizza and Party Shoppe to make up for the loss.

The suspect was last seen traveling south bound on Warringham at Rowley on foot.

He is described as a White Male, 5-10 to 5-11, 200 lbs wearing a tan carhart jacket, black gloves, black/white camo pants, black gym shoes and a camouflage face mask.

Investigators are asking the public if you know this person or have any information about this incident please contact Waterford Police Detective Larry Novak at 248-618-6057248-618-6057.


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