Vinsetta Garage parking war hits Berkley planning commission meeting

BERKLEY, Mich. (WXYZ) - People who live near a popular restaurant are dealing with some tough growing pains.

People in the neighborhood are trying to stop the owner of the Vinsetta Garage from building a new parking lot.

A planning commission meeting was originally postponed to allow the owner of Vinsetta Garage, Curt Catallo to buy a fourth house. He already owns three homes on nearby Oxford Street.

His hope is to demolish the four homes and build a walled, well designed and landscaped parking lot for those that visit his restaurant.

Tuesday night's meeting was a packed house for the Berkley Planning Commission. 

Residents on the quiet street say since the restaurant opened they've been faced with people littering their yards, speeding down the street and being noisy.

Many in the neighborhood around Vinsetta Garage worry that as the Woodward Dream Cruise approaches the parking problem will only get worse.

Catallo was front and center at the meeting in Berkley. Catallo is making the request for land to be rezoned so that he and his business partners can begin the process of building a new parking lot.

The problem with many of the lots on Woodward is so many are shallow and limited parking. So the process of rezoning is nothing new to city leaders.

The planning board did not make a decision at Tuesday's meeting, but instead opted to recommend city council members deny the zoning request. 

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