Voters will decide the future of the Troy Library on Tuesday

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Voters will decide the future of the Troy Library at the ballot box on Tuesday. They will vote on whether to approve a .07 millage.

City leaders say without the millage, the library will be forced to close on August 5th due to lack of funding.

Those who are against the millage say they don't want to lose their library. They just believe city leaders could have made cuts to save the library.

"They're asking for more taxes, but yet there are other cuts that could be made," said Sherri Thibodeau.

Demonstrators gathered outside the library on Monday to encourage voters to turn out and pass the millage. They say if the millage passes the library will be safe for the next five years.

"We need to approve the millage, because if the library closes it is going to send the message to all surrounding neighborhoods that the city of Troy does not invest in its communities," said Neil Yashinsky.

This is the third time voters will go to the polls on the library issue.

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