Waterford Township crossing guard retires after 50-year career

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - She's helped thousands of kids cross the street in Waterford Township and as this school year comes to an end so does her amazing career.

This is the story of Ms. Allen from Waterford Township. The heartwarming story of how a fill-in request turned into a 50-year career.

She's hanging up her vest and putting the stop on more than 49 years as a school crossing guard.

At the corner of Van Syckle Avenue and Airport Road in Waterford you'll find 84-year-old Corrine Allen.

The kids here in this neighborhood including the adults call her Ms. Allen. And we will too.

"I like people. I like to talk to people," she says.

These kids like Patricia Zawicki and her grandma walking up to have Ms. Allen help them cross.

"I really thank her that she's the crossing guard of my whole family that lived in my house,” Patricia says. “They crossed - all of them."

This year brings to close a school crossing guard career Ms. Allen says all started with a request to fill-in. And after all these years the stories of kids she's helped cross the street here is never ending. Take this one.

"Last year at Halloween I had a young man come and he had a little girl or boy, I forget what it was now, and he said ‘Do you remember me Ms. Allen?’ and I said ‘No, I don't think so?’. He told me and here he was out with his young child trick or treating and he came over here to go trick or treating so he could talk to me."

Or Tracey Brush who's had four kids Ms. Allen has helped cross.

"She's been here a long time we're going to be sad to see her go sad, to see Waterford village being closed,” Tracey says. “It’s kind of bittersweet."

And those that drive by everyday will no doubt miss her, too.

"I have gravel trucks, one gravel truck after another and they all wave, every morning it's a good job," Allen says. "I got one bad leg that's why I kind of sit down once in a while and get off this one leg, but I'm pretty healthy."

Just in the short time I spent with her, a number of people stopped - all knowing she is hanging up her vest and putting the stop sign up for good after more than 49 years on the job.

"Thank you for your dedication, your service we're going to miss you thanks for being here and keeping all of my kids safe," one person told her.

Ms. Allen says over the years kids have brought her flowers, popcorn and visited her home. Now she says she'll be able to spend more time with her grandbabies.

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