Woman responds to outrage over Facebook video showing her dog after he ate marijuana

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - A woman admits she made a mistake when she posted a video to Facebook of her pet after he accidentally got high on marijuana.

Laura Milsee told 7 Action News she came home to find 3-year-old Thor had gotten into a marijuana stash late one night.

According to Milsee, she posted the video out of concern and tried to send the clip to her boyfriend.

"My boyfriend wasn't home.  I couldn't Bluetooth the video to show him what he was doing," said Milsee. "So he said post it so I can see it. But by the time I posted it, people shared it."

Milsee said in a matter of no time, the video went viral.

It was seen by thousands of people across the county. One outraged pet lover called 7 Action News.

In the video, Milsee can be heard saying the dog ate $20 worth of weed. She is then heard laughing when the stoned pit bull-mix stumbles into a wall.

"Because I laughed at the end, people are taking it as though I'm cruel him.  I'm not," said Milsee.  "It was late.  I had spoke to one of my girlfriends who is an animal advocate and she said to keep giving him water and bread."

Milsee has the paperwork to prove she took her dog to the vet and that he is okay.

Milsee told 7 Action News she has seen thousands of comments from furious animals lovers. Some posters called her hurtful names and claimed she is an unfit mother.

She has chosen to stay silent and not respond to comments until now and admits recording her pet in those conditions is something she deeply regrets.

"I love my animal. I love my kid. I have a cat too. I take care of my animals," said Milsee. "It was a mistake. I shouldn't have posted the video."

According to Milsee, Animal Control is conducting an investigation in this case.

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