West Bloomfield Township officials say 'test' speed bumps do more harm than good

There are lights and signs that pedestrians are crossing the roundabout at Farmington and Maple roads in West Bloomfield Township. Now, drivers are also slamming the brakes for these 14-foot speed bumps.
"It's a physical reminder to the driver that there is a pedestrian crosswalk there," Craig Bryson with the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) said.
The road commission installed the speed "tables" earlier this summer as part of a national study conducted by North Carolina State University.
"It's just a temporary test," Bryson said.
But drivers are giving township officials an earful, complaining about congestion and even accidents at the roundabout.
West Bloomfield Township Fire Chief Jay Wiseman said, "We've had trucks lose their loads going over the top of these things, so they've created some challenges."
Wiseman said the bumps are also a concern for emergency responders rushing to the nearby Henry Ford West Bloomfield hospital.
"We've had crews get bounced around a little bit in the back of the vehicle," Wiseman said.
Township supervisor, Michele Economou Ureste, said the board unanimously opposed the speed bumps months ago, but this is the county's turf. The road commission says drivers will have to wait until the test period is over. 
"This is a learning process for everyone, including the federal government in this case," Bryson said.
The speed bumps will be removed at the end of August, after which the road commission will assess the data and test results.
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