Mother facing charges because of YouTube video that appears to show her force feeding child

(WXYZ) - A Michigan mom faces child abuse charges after she is caught on video force feeding her 2-year-old-boy.

The YouTube video, which may be disturbing to some people, shows 21-year-old Jacqueleine Caiger, from the Carsonville area, as she force feeds her screaming 2-year-old at the dinner table.

While Caiger force feeds her toddler she is seen in the video yelling at him, "You better not spit that out!"

The toddler's father is sitting on the right. A family member unhappy with the mother's parenting style is behind the camera and is the one who posted the video on YouTube.

"This child is still in the home and child protective services is monitoring the situation," said Sheriff Garry Biniecki.

The Sanilac County Sheriff's Department was made aware of the video on January 19. The sheriff said that the way Caiger feeds her son started the investigation.

"With the child and parent, there was actually physical contact, the force feeding of the child, so that also made the domestic violence come into play," said Sheriff Biniecki.

Caiger has been charged with one count of fourth degree child abuse and one count of domestic violence.  The prosecutor's office may never have been able to make a criminal case against her without the video.

"Cell phone photographs, video of crimes against children, are extremely important and critical to a successful prosecution," said Sanilac County Prosecutor James Young.

The couple has two other children and has since moved to St. Clair County. Caiger has been released on a personal recognizance bond. She is due back in court in March.

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