A look inside a Dexter neighborhood one week after the tornado

DEXTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - One week after a tornado ravaged parts of Dexter there is quite a change in some of the neighborhoods.

Janet Spiegel says she sees and hears a difference.

"It's been really quiet the past few days compared to what it was last Thursday, Friday and Saturday," says Spiegel.

Last Thursday's tornado destroyed some homes and damaged dozens of others.

I'm glad that it's getting quiet again. It was very noisy from all the trucks and all the construction. They've cleaned up very quickly so it's a relief to see it shape up so fast," says Penni Jones.

Some homes with severe damage have been torn down and all that remains is the foundation.

Those who have far less damage at their homes, like Spiegel and Jones, are still thinking about their neighbors.

"I'm one of about five houses down the way that can live in their houses," says Spiegel.

"I'm very grateful to keep my kids in routine. It has been such a comfort to all of us. I feel so bad for those who weren't able to do that," says Jones.

Residents here say despite all the progress that has been made they know there is still a lot of work to be done. However, one thing that has remained constant is their gratitude for the damage not being worse than it was.

"Nobody was hurt. We're thankful for that. Everybody has a place to live so we feel good about that," says Spiegel.

The latest estimates from Washtenaw County officials puts the damage in dollars at more than $4.3 million dollars.

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