Bride thanks 7 Action News for help getting wedding dress

(WXYZ) - Stephanie Allen is set to get married in less than a month, but she found she couldn't get a hold of Sarah's Bridal to pick up her ordered dress. 

She called and emailed.  There was no response.  She came to the store.  It was closed.

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She decided to speak out on 7 Action News, hoping to get answers.

Soon other women came forward saying they too had problems with orders not being filled in the past at the dress shop  in Milan. 

Seven Action News tracked down the owner of the business.  Wednesday night, she had no comment.

Then Thursday morning, Christine Marquardt finally responded.    She emailed 7 Action News to say she closed for a few days but is back in business.

Allen didn't wait. She rushed to the store to get her gown.

"I'm excited  its mine now," said Allen as she tried it on.

The owner says she simply has been overwhelmed since her mom died in April.   She says she is committed to making sure everyone gets what they ordered

"I've just been backtracking trying to fix everything. I think I just it just got to me, and I needed a couple days off or something," said Marquardt.

"All we needed was a phone call to let us know what was happening," said Allen.

"We opened four years ago, and the business grew extremely fast," continued Marquardt, explaining. " I couldn't keep on top of it. I am going to try go do a better job of keeping on top of it."

"I don't think she thought we were going to go to the news and we did," Allen told 7 Action News. " And now I have my dress.  Thank you."

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