Debris from Dexter tornado to be recycled

DEXTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - Filling up large metal containers, crews are removing as much debris as possible from the Huron Farms subdivision in the village of Dexter. 

Days after the tornado hit, crews have been at the sites hardest hit by the storm.

Workers at Recycle Ann Arbor tell 7 Action News there is still more clean up needed.   

"It's a disaster. I've never seen anything quite like it," said Don Staebler, manager of the roll off container division at Recycle Ann Arbor.  "And we're not even making a dent in it. It's that big of a mess."

Eight containers that can hold about seven tons of debris are sent to the Huron Farms neighborhood daily.  All the rubble will be sifted to see whether it can be recycled.

Every day crews are out in the damaged areas of Dexter, the large containers will be filled with things like lumber, carpet, dry wall, and shingles.  

"All the shingles and tarpaper can get recycled into road paving material.  The carpeting gets taken down to a place in Minneapolis," said Staebler.

The recycle company has been out at the site since Friday, the day after the tornado ripped through the community. Though there has been some progress in the cleanup, crews are still amazed by the devastation.

"The debris is scattered forever. I mean, there's stuff in trees. I don't know how they're going to get that out," said Staebler.

 The goal is to recycle as much as they can.  Anything that cannot  be recycled will be taken to a landfill. The cleanup is expected to take weeks.

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