Dexter deals with another round of damaging storms

DEXTER, Mich (WXYZ) - Spread out over parts of the Lesser Family Farm were tree limbs, a smashed Silo and a crushed hay cart.

"The wind was switching, then the hail came, and then I felt it on my ears and I knew it was a tornado," said Dale Lesser who was in the barn when the storm hit.

"It was raining sideways and the power went out so I just went down to the basement." said 14-year-old Albert Lesser who's corn planter was mangled by the storm.

The family farm spreads out over 1200 acres on Island Lake Road near Waterloo.  It has been there for more than 100 years.

When word spread that parts of the farm was damaged, neighbors came from near and far to help, some bringing baskets filled with food.

"I lived through this and they came to help me, so this is the least I can do," said Phyllis Risdon who's home was damaged during the March tornado.

The Lesser's lost power and have a lot of clean up, but no one was hurt including the animals.

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