Eastern Michigan University Regents tell University President Susan Martin to control her drinking

YPSILANTI, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents has sent a letter to University President Susan Martin with the message of: control your drinking or you could lose your job.

According to the letter, which was written on May 17, 2012 and has been posted on Eastern Michigan's website along with Martin's response letter, an incident in Washington, DC triggered the letter. No details about the incident are presented in the letter

Several other prior incidents are also alluded to, but they are not discussed in the letter.

In reference to the Washington, DC incident the letter says Martin "conducted yourself in a way that was inappropriate for your position and reflected poorly on the University and you as its President."

The letter then goes on to say that Martin acknowledged that she acted inappropriately and apologized with the explanation that she had consumed "alcoholic beverages" without eating.

However, the letter also says, "Whatever the cause, such conduct and behavior must cease."

It goes on to say, "As the President of a major university, when you appear in public at University functions or representing the University, you must conduct yourself at all times at the highest professional and social levels. Use of alcohol and the potential resulting conduct, including inappropriate comments about the University, its employees, its Board and the use of profanity is simply unacceptable."

The letter then addresses possible help for Martin, if she feels she needs it, saying, "We are supportive of you seeking assistance from professionals through the Employee Assistance Program, the University's healthcare insurance or such other means as would provide you the support and counseling you may need. We encourage you to seek such counseling and assistance, and if you do so, we want you to be successful in dealing with this issue."

It then goes on to address her current situation saying, "It is, however, incumbent upon us to emphasize the severity of this incident and its potential impact on your role as a leader and symbol of the University. You must deal with this issue immediately. If there are any further incident, you will leave us no alternative but to recommend to the Board that your employment be terminated for just cause."

Martin responded to the letter on July 6 and requested that her response be placed in her personnel file.

In the response, Martin said she self-reported the incident, saying she had "lost my temper with an alumni when our discussion turned to a particularly sad time in Eastern's history."

She goes on to say that it turned out that they had misunderstood each other and apologized to each other over email the next day.

Martin then goes on to describe herself a "'hands-on' President" with many, varied duties and says, "I could not perform these duties and handle the rigors of this position if I had a serious health issue of any type as suggested by the May 17, letter."


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