EMU footplayer may have been targeted for murder because of expensive clothes?

YPSILANTI, Mich. (WXYZ) - Ypsilanti police believe robbery may have been the motive in the murder of Eastern Michigan University football player Demarius Reed.

Investigators told 7 Action News, he may have been targeted because of his expensive clothing. According to police his wallet and cell phone were stolen inside his off campus apartment.

"That's very senseless," said student Quintrevious McDonald. "There's people out here who have nothing, homeless. They're not out here killing people.  That's ignorant."

Reed was killed in October, after attending an after party in his off campus apartment building.

Police have added more patrols to off campus areas ever since.

In the wake of the death of Reed and the murder of student Julia Niswender, whose body was found in her off campus apartment a year ago, EMU is hoping to boost protection for students.

The university will be slowly adding ten officers to its police department throughout 2014. A unit to solve major crimes will also be added. They will be working with the Ypsilanti Police Department in areas on and off campus.

"They will notice an increased police presence in these perimeter areas where many of these student live," said EMU spokesperson Geoff Larcom.

"Things still happen. Whatever area you are in, I'm glad there will be more protection and more people around in case something does happen," said student Kerry Rawald.

According to police, Reed's case is still being investigated. There is also an active investigation in the murder of Niswender. December 11 marks the one year anniversary of when her body was found in a bathtub.

Police say the cause of death asphyxiation associated with drowning. No one has been arrested in her murder.

Two suspects are in custody in connection to the death of Reed.

EMU, Ypsilanti Police, And Eastern Michigan Police are hoping by adding more of a police presence it will deter others who are thinking about committing major crimes in the area.

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