Family cat missing after Dexter tornado has been found

Cat missing after tornado is found

(WXYZ) - A family's desperate search for a cat that has been missing since last week's tornado in the Dexter area is over.  Thankfully, there's a happy ending.

"Apricot" -- a three-year-old black cat -- has been found safe and sound.

"He is very happy to be back and is purring all the time and wants constant affection," said the cat's owner Lee Ann Mitchell.

Mitchell said Apricot was found in a condo complex near their house and was coaxed home using a can of tuna.

Mitchell adopted him from a shelter a couple years ago, and he's become a big part of the family.

"We will be taking him to the vet to be evaluated," said Mitchell.  "I think his tail is broken, but he isn't acting like he is in any pain.  It just doesn't function like it used to.  My guess would be that he was hit by some debris." 

The family is still cleaning up from the tornado.

"We are doing fine.  Demolition is about done, and we are preparing to enter the construction phase of the rebuild," she said.

But the family is grateful to have their beloved "Apricot" back home. 

WXYZ 7 Action News helped spread the word to be on the look out for Apricot shortly after the family started searching for him.

"Thanks so much for helping us.  It really means a lot that you would report a lost animal.  Some people think it is just a cat and why bother," she explained.

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