Movie extras needed for George Clooney film in Ann Arbor

Clooney has already been spotted at U of M

Ann Arbor, Mich. (WXYZ) - George Clooney flashed his hunky smile around the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago.

“He was really friendly and really pleasant,” said student Valerie Nakash.

The star will be filming a movie called the ‘Ides of March’ at on campus starting the second week of March. Some people saw Clooney leaving the Michigan League. The building has a hotel, restaurants, and a theatre. “He was leaving with a bunch of people. Some of my friends got pictures with him actually,” said Nakash.

Clooney plays a presidential hopeful in the movie. Co-star Ryan Gosling has been cast as the lead, a press secretary who finds himself caught up in the ugly world of back-room politics. Clooney has been on campus scouting locations for the film because he’s also the director.

“When he’s here he’s working and serious and concentrating but he takes time to chat with the students,” said Lee Doyle. Doyle is the head of the U of M film office. She says Clooney liked the university’s numerous auditoriums and theatres to use as backdrops along the campaign trail.

“He was looking for a place with a diverse number of locations where he could do them all in one place which we had for him,” said Doyle.
The film has open casting for at least 1,300 extras to be used in a scene depicting a political fundraiser with a guest musical act.

“It’s pretty much an all day shoot so people have to have time to dedicate to it, but probably also on the 14th, 15, and 16th some extras will be needed, “ said Doyle.

The casting company is only looking for people 18 years and older to be an extra for the shoot in Ann Arbor because they are looking for a “university audience”. For more information you can log onto their website:



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