Police chase drug, homicide suspects into busy downtown Ann Arbor intersection

ANN ARBOR, Mich., (WXYZ) - Downtown Ann Arbor looked and sounded like a scene out of an action movie Tuesday afternoon.

"I've never seen anything like that around Ann Arbor," said Amy Coogan.

Only, this was real life.

"The whole thing happened so fast .. it was unbelievable," added Sam Kafaei.

Sam Kafaei is a contractor who was downtown. He heard a noise, looked outside and realized it was a police chase!

"Cops were coming down E. Liberty and Main non-stop," explained Kafaei. "They were on 'em, they got 'em pretty good."

You can see from these pictures in the video player above, the aftermath of the chase that started near 5th and Washington.

It began after Michigan State police got a tip that two guys were bringing "sizeable amounts" of drugs into the city and one of them was a homicide suspect in Detroit.

When police tried to make a traffic stop the suspects took off and police followed.

Police say the chase lasted only 40 seconds and ended when the suspects crashed their Altima while trying to run a red light at the busy intersection of E. Liberty and Main Street.

The Altima hit a Mazda with a teacher and a few students inside but they weren't hurt.

Remarkably, no one else was either.

Investigators say the suspects tried to run didn't very get far.

Police found what's believed to be crack, heroin and prescription pills in the suspects' car.

The question remains; was it a good idea to pursue them? Michigan State Police say they made the best decision they could at the time.

"They were two hardened criminals, one wanted for hostile homicide [and] and a lot of narcotics, there was a heightened need to apprehend them," said Sergeant Temelko of Michigan State Police.

He continued, "If wouldn't have end as soon as it did, once it entered that heavily populated area -- Main Street area -- we would have backed off, no doubt."

Investigators know the chase could have ended much differently but they, along with witnesses like Sam are just thankful no one was hurt.

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