POLICE: No suspects in custody in Ypsilanti playground pooper case

YPSILANTI, Mich., (WXYZ) - Ypsilanti Police say the individual defecating on local playgrounds may still be out there. 

In a press release Wednesday, police indicated they have only spoken to a person of interest and no suspects have been taken into custody, arrested or charged with a crime. 

"There is not enough substantiated information to conclude that this subject has done anything wrong," read the press release.

For the past six months someone has been soiling slides at an Ypsilanti playground, prompting city officials start searching for the so-called mystery pooper.

"We have a problem in Prospect Park with a miscreant that does not understand the difference between a children's playground slide and a toilet," the Police Chief Tony DeGiusti said previously.

Since then, a local ad agency erected a punny billboard along I-94 displaying messages like "Help us catch the poopetrator," and "Do your civic doody, report the pooper." They are all accompanied by the Twitter hashtag #YpsiPooper.

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