Pothole Panic In Ann Arbor

(WXYZ) - There is panic over a tire eating pothole in Ann Arbor.

Meagan Keeler contacted Action News after she fell victim to the road crater.  She says she reported it several times to the city and was disappointed to see it had not been repaired.  "I was upset it happened to me." said Keeler.  "for it to happen to other people is ridiculous.  I'm sure they called and reported it too."

The pothole is so big, some drivers have tried putting bags of rock salt in it to prevent more damage to vehicles.  "The other day I seen give cars in the gas station with blown tires from the pothole," said Lou Sims.

While we there, we noticed an Ann Arbor road crew patching potholes in the area.  When the passed the massive pothole that had so many people upset, When we informed them of the pothole, they turned around and patched the hole.  We are told, crews have patched the pothole at least three times in the past two days, but due to weather conditions, the repair job doesn't last.

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