See the journey of one same-sex couple getting married in Washtenaw County

ANN ARBOR (WXYZ) - Amid the cheers that erupted as Kelly Callison and her partner of 5 years, Ann walked out of the County Clerk’s office in Washtenaw County, there was tears.

142 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in Oakland County, see one couple's journey.

You see, Kelly nor Ann ever dreamed this day would come. The day in which they would be recognized just the same as everyone else. Their marriage finally legal, their union finally accepted.

“You know Ann is my rock and she’s my son’s mother so this is a huge day for us and for our family,” Kelly said speaking with her partner arm in arm.

We followed the couple from the time they got in line around 6 Saturday morning to the filing of their official paperwork, their Marriage license. The reality slowly settling in, they were a part of history in the making.

“We’re very very excited,” Ann said as she stood inside the Clerk’s office. Her arm wrapped around her wife’s back. “I get to call Kelly my wife. I didn’t think that was going to happen in Michigan.”

Their 2 year old son…at the epicenter of their every decision, their every move.

“It’s her biological son,” Kelly’s mom explains. “It’s her biological son they implanted in her to give birth to but Kelly has no legal rights to him until they get married. This is a big day for our family, you have no idea,” Kelly’s mom said.

While some may have an idea, we do know it’s a moment made in Michigan history.

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