10-year-old girl found living in feces-filled home in Ypsilanti Township

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich (WXYZ) - A mother and her 10-year-old daughter were found living in one of two homes filled with feces, bugs and rats in Ypsilanti Township.

One is on Maplewood, the other is on Clarita.

Township Officials say the house on Maplewood was filled with animal and human feces. There was no running water.

The young mother and her daughter lived there using the bath tub, floor and jugs for the bathroom. Officials say the dogs used the floor as a bathroom and the feces were left there.

Next door neighbors Joe and Virginia Swope says they feel sorry for the little girl but the smell was horrific and they could barely go outside. They complained to Township officials. Finally officials forced the mom and child out.

Just over a week ago a cleaning crew came in.

Neighbors say that the crew, even with protective gear, went in and one by one came out vomiting.

It is reported Child Protective Services is investigating the conditions the child was living in. A family member says the child is living with relatives and the conditions were exaggerated.

The house on Clarita also has a condemned sign in the window and a lock on the door. Officials say that house is filled with animal feces and urine soaked floors.  Neighbors say the stench has kept them inside.

Both houses are at the center of court action. Officials say this is the worst they have seen and both may have to come down.

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