Volunteers clear debris following tornado in Dexter

DEXTER (WXYZ - Kent Coffer considers himself lucky. His home suffered minimal damage from the tornado, but there was still thousands of dollars worth of damage laying in his front yard.

Coffer had more than 30 trees, but by the end of the night on Thursday only one was still standing. His home owners insurance covers the damage on his house, but only a fraction of the cost of tree removal. "We figure about $4,000 to $5,000 and that would be way beyond our budget right now," Coffer told Action News.

Fortunately he won't have to pay much of it thanks to the kindness of strangers who came armed with chainsaws and the will to help out.

Through the Hands of Light in Action group, more than 80 volunteers cut down dozens of trees that littered properties in Dexter. Brian Dey, who is just nine years old, convinced his parents to drive from Port Huron to help clear away the debris. "I want to say I'm so sorry," said Brian. "If I had money on me, I'd give it to them."

Nancy Malone, who founded the organization, had said she didn't want volunteers under the age of 14 because of the hazards that come with tree removal, but when Brian and his family showed up, she was too touched to turn them away. "Everybody can change the world," said Malone. "We're changing a small part of the world today in Dexter."

The organization is looking for another round of volunteers to help clear out more trees next weekend. People who are interested should contact Malone at handsoflightinaction@gmail.com or on Facebook.

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